Ore9 offers support to the staff within the companies for the creation, management and maintenance of a “privacy system”.
Our assistance is aimed at companies that:

  • wish to start the process of privacy adjustment;
  • wish to complete or integrate their data processing policies;
  • wish to review their privacy compliance, with periodic audits and checks.

Our services include:

  • CONSULTANCY – The consulting activity includes the first phase of data assessment, during which a mapping of vulnerabilities related to data processing and its purposes will be provided; the second phase consists of the drafting and the customisation of the documents, with practical indications on the procedures for obtaining consent and on the consequent necessary fulfillments.

After analysing the types and methods of personal data collection, we will provide indications for the correct data processing – from the phase of data collection, online and offline, to the phase of its management.

  • TRAINING – The training consists of corporate courses and online material, and covers the following topics: principles of EU Regulation 679/2016; contract appointing the Data Processor and the persons authorized to process the data; assistance for the creation and management of the register of treatments for the Owner and for the DPO; indication of the correct organisational and security procedures to be adopted.
  • AUDIT AND REVISION – In accordance with privacy regulations, a periodic review of all procedures relating to data processing is required for companies that have completed the initial privacy adjustment. In particular, the security of the corporate IT systems and the correct application of the security procedures adopted by the company’s employees will be verified.